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IT / server room: +8m2 x 1
One Kitchen: +8m2
*indicative recommendation, to be tailored after discussion
Meeting room:
- Small room: +10m2 x 1
- Medium room: +15-20m2 x 1
- Large room: +20-40m2 x 1
For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact:

Senior Associate
T: +41 22 839 73 60

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Space recommended is an estimation only that may vary according to users requirements.
15 Jul 2020

Estimate how much space you need for your ideal office thanks to My Origami

What are the basic criteria before renting new office premises? In addition to location, accessibility and quality of the environment, the size, level of services and versatility of the space dedicated to employees are crucial topics when choosing office spaces.


Adapt the size of office premises to the number of employees

How to determine the size of space your company needs? While there are no strict rules regarding office premises occupation, the minimum size to be provided depends largely on the number of employees who will work in the same space.

The golden rule when you’ve found the right location? Anticipation! Plan your short and medium-term development today to choose flexible premises that can be easily rearranged when new employees arrive.

This is the case of the highly versatile spaces (from 200 to 6,000 sq m) in Origami building, (link) which are able to accommodate different shapes and all layout types according to needs and developments.


Determine your needs according to your activity

The number of employees is a determining factor, but the choice of office premises also depends on the type of activity.

Whether or not a storage area, a reception area, a waiting room or show room, a kitchen area, a computer room, a break room or a delivery area (already integrated into the rear of Origami building) is required, it could quickly change a company’s needs in terms of size.

Whatever the size of your company, do not hesitate to contact us or use our online tool to estimate the size of office space you need in a personalised way.

All you have to do is indicate the number of employees, the services you need and the type of layout you want (open space, closed offices, meeting room or not) to obtain an estimated area size and an idea of what your workspace could be within Origami building.


Anticipate and accompany change within your company

As a direct consequence of the recent Covid-19 crisis, the professional environment  is accelerating its transformation. Among the major changes announced, the advent of digital technology and the increased development of teleworking are already profoundly changing the behaviour of employees to make them more mobile even within organizations.

It is up to companies to adapt to this trend and to these new needs by offering versatile office spaces able to respond to the various problems faced by employees: meet together, encourage exchanges, boost creativity, take advantage of a quiet space to concentrate or make more confidential calls, take a break…

Aspirations that have already been identified and realised within Origami office building through the creation of new innovative shared spaces (rooftop, lobby, coffee corner…) and easily modular work areas.

To discover the numerous layout possibilities offered within the building, don’t hesitate to test our simulation tool: My Origami.

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