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3 Nov 2021

Lancy, an economic asset for the canton of Geneva

Ideally located in the heart of the canton of Geneva, the municipality of Lancy, is in full expansion and is becoming a true complementary business center within the Geneva agglomeration.

With more than 32,000 inhabitants and nearly 2,000 companies, Lancy is not only the third most populated city in the canton of Geneva, it is also one of the key communes in the economic development and urban transformation of the Greater Geneva agglomeration.

Lancy will be, in fifteen to twenty years, “the future center of Geneva”, says Myriam Boussina, head of the culture and communication department, responsible for the economic affairs of Lancy. 

Lancy, an important transport hub

Boosted by the installation of major institutions such as the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the realization of the Praille-Acacias-Vernets (PAV) project, which aims to densify and rethink the urban development of a 230-hectare area straddling the municipalities of Geneva, Lancy and Carouge, the city is served by two Leman Express stations: Lancy-Pont-Rouge and Lancy-Bachet. 

This highly strategic location, coupled with an extensive public transport network, a direct access to the national and international motorway and the immediate proximity to Geneva International Airport, make Lancy “a real transport hub”, says Myriam Boussina. 

These advantages have already prompted a large number of major economic players in the Geneva area, including SMEs and large groups, from P&G to Ernst & Young, Swisscom and Cargill, to set up here.

Lancy’s geographical location is not its only advantage… 


Lancy, a growing area

New neighborhoods, such as La Chapelle and Pont-Rouge, have recently been created on its territory and others are under construction, contributing to an exceptional dynamic of the whole city.

For example, the Small City project, a mini-city (50,000 sq m) in the city announced for 2025, will be able to accommodate, in the immediate vicinity of the Origami office building, a food court, doctors’ offices, a gym, decorating showrooms, a farmers’ market… An experiential and original universe soon to be deployed near Origami building, just down the street!


Lancy, an ideal working environment

This is an opportunity for all the companies in Lancy, and particularly for Origami users, to benefit from a strengthened neighborhood life and a working environment adapted to new expectations in terms of facilities and services.

Lancy is home to day-care centers, nurseries, schools and large-scale cultural facilities, such as Villa Bernasconi and Ferme de la Chapelle. It also has a swimming pool, La Praille Stadium and the largest concentration of parks and green spaces (33 hectares) in the canton after Geneva. (lien papier 3 bis).

“A privileged environment”, insists the economic development officer, who reminds us that Lancy’s objective is to strengthen its attractiveness while preserving its quality of life and its “village spirit”

It involves integrating a sustainable approach into all aspects of the area’s development, whether it be promoting interconnections and soft mobility or involving companies in the management of energy resources and waste

A concerted approach shaping the future of an agglomeration of the future, to be discovered today from the Origami office building.

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